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Starting Up: From Ideas to Successful Business


In "Starting Up" you can learn how to realize your own ideas and to transform
them into successful business. 
This seminar shows you how to think and act like successful entrepreneurs. 
In addition, you will be provided with the most important aspects and tools in entrepreneurship. 

  1. What is "Starting Up"?
  2. What Does the Team Work Look Like?
  3. How is the Seminar Assessed?
  4. Who is Eligible for "Starting Up"?
  5. Syllabus in the Summer Term 2018
  6. Registration
  7. Can I Get ECTS for the Participation?

1. What is "Starting Up"?

"Starting Up" is a seminar in which participants will learn how to think and act like successful entrepreneurs. The students will be provided with the most important aspects and tools in entrepreneurship. In addition, essential management knowledge and skills (e.g. market & competition analysis, marketing, financial planning) will be taught. The participants will develop their own business ideas in interdisciplinary teams and prepare a business plan (format: pitch deck) for their respective ideas.

Our goal is to inspire and educate tomorrow´s entrepreneurs by providing hands-on and digital entrepreneurship education in theory and practice for students of all study backgrounds.

The seminar covers six modules that are based on the Business Model Canvas. It will be taught in a blended learning format, i.e. every week, new online content (videos, downloadable slides, forums and quizzes) will be available from the platform Moodle which is complemented by an offline kick-off session, mid-term presentations as well as group assignments leading up to a final presentation where the students present their business plan.

"Starting Up" will be held in English. The participants can chose between English and German for the assignments and the presentaitions. The choice of language does not affect the grading in any way.

The seminar is taught by experienced lecturers of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center and features successful entrepreneurs that share their real-life insights and experience.

To see how other students have evaluated the seminar, please check the evaluation of the summer term 2017.

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2. What Does the Team Work Look Like?

As in the "real" start-up world team work is essential for "Starting Up". The pitch deck that has to be presented at the end of the term will be developed in interdisciplinary teams of three to six students. In addition, weekly team assignments and a mid-term presentation will have to be completed in preparation of the final presentation.

If you want to be part of "Starting Up", please keep in mind that you have a responsibility towards your team to actively participate in the assignments and the presentation preparation.

After the registration to the course, you will be matched to a team by the LMU Entrepreneurship Center. Wishes for fellow team members can be stated in the registration form. 

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3. How is the Seminar Assessed?

To successfully complete "Starting Up" a business plan (pitch deck) has to be created and presented at the end of the term. In addition, weekly quizzes and assignments have to be completed. The successful students will receive a certificate of completion and - depending on their respective field of study - ECTS points (cf. table below).

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4. Who is Eligible for "Starting Up"?

Generally speaking, every student at LMU is eligible for "Starting Up". Participation is free of charge.


5. Syllabus in the Summer Term 2018

"Starting Up" is held as blended learning seminar so that there are phases of attendance as well as online phases. To sucessfully complete the seminar, participants are required to attend the kick-off, one of the mid-term slots, the final presentation and complete the online modules. In additon, the students have to attend at least the first of the four sessions of "Unglaublich unternehmerisch".

20.04.2018, 10-12 c.t. 
Kick-Off (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, M 105)
Mandatory session for all participants!

24.04.2018, 18-20 c.t. 
Unglaublich unternehmerisch - THINK 
(Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, E004)
Students have to attend this session to successfully complete "Starting Up"

CW 17: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

CW 18: Ideation & Value Proposition

CW 19: Customer Segments

08.05.2018, 18-20 c.t. 
Unglaublich unternehmerisch - ACT 
(Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, E004)
Optional but strongly recommended

CW 20/21
Mid-Term Presentations:
Group 1: 22.05.2018, 16-18 s.t., Prof.-Huber-Platz 2, LEHRTURM-W201
Group 2: 23.05.2018, 14-16 s.t., Edmund-Rumpler-Strasse 13, B 117
Group 3: 24.05.2018, 10-12 s.t., Edmund-Rumpler-Strasse 9, A 023
Group 4: 25.05.2018, 10-12 s.t., Prof.-Huber-Platz 2, LEHRTURM-VU104

15.05.2018, 18-20 c.t. 
Unglaublich unternehmerisch - PROMOTE (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, E004)
Optional but strongly recommended

CW 21: Channels & Customer Relationships

22.05.2018, 18-20 c.t. 
Unglaublich unternehmerisch - FINANCE 
(Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, E004)
Optional but strongly recommended

CW 22: Key Resources, Activities & Partnerships

CW 23: Revenue Streams & Cost Structure

CW 24: Preparation of the Final Presentations

CW 25:
Final Presentations
 (LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Giselastr. 10, 20-min slot according to Doodle survey)

6. Registration

The registration for the summer semester´s edition of "Starting Up" was open until April 8, 2018. If you missed it this time, we´d be happy to have you on board in the winter term 2018/19.

Important: The participants will receive admission only after the registration deadline. You will receive an e-mail in the first week of the term informing you about the status of admission and your team assignment. 

We are happy if you have an own start-up idea that you want to elaborate throughout the seminar. It would be great if you´d describe your idea briefly in the registration form.

A note for students of medicine: Please also register via MeCUM:

In Longitudinal Kurs 8 (L8) "Pflichtwahlseminar" 7M3410 OR
In Longitudinal Kurs 9 (L9) "Pflichtwahlseminar ambu IV" 7M3604

Presumably, the seminar will be offered every semester. If you cannot attend "Starting Up" this semester, register for our Newsletter to stay informed about the upcoming registration phases.

7. Can I Get ECTS for the Participation?

Astrophysik (Master) 3 ECTS im Modul
Biochemie (Bachelor) 3 ECTS
Genauere Information bei Dr. Thomas
Biologie (Bachelor und Master) 3 ECTS im "Berufsqualifizierenden Modul"
Chemie (Bachelor) 3 ECTS
Genauere Information bei Dr. Thomas Engel
Ethnologie (Bachelor) 4 ECTS im Modul "Sondierung ethnologischer Berufsfelder"
Graduate School for Systemic
3 ECTS im Modul "interdisciplinary Training"
Geographie (Bachelor) 3 ECTS in der Übung "Berufsvorbereitung"
Humanmedizin Zusätzliche Anmeldung über MeCUM erforderlich:
- In Longitudinal Kurs 8 (L8)
"Pflichtwahlseminar" 7M3410
- In Longitudinal Kurs 9 (L9)
"Pflichtwahlseminar ambu IV" 7M3604 
Informatik (Bachelor) 3 ECTS im Modul „Persönliche und soziale Kompetenz"
Internationale Public Relations (Master) 3 ECTS im Pflichtmodul "Anwendungs- & Wirkungskontexte der Public Relations"
Medieninformatik (Bachelor) 3 ECTS im Modul „Persönliche und soziale Kompetenz"
Meteorologie (Master) 3 ECTS im Modul „Schlüsselqualifikationen"
Philosophie (Bachelor - PStO von 2012, 8-Semester-
3 ECTS im Zusatzqualifikationsbereich
Weitere Informationen bei Dr. Thomas
Physik (Bachelor(-plus) und Master) 3 ECTS im Modul 
Theoretische und Mathematische
Physik (Master) 
3 ECTS im Modul

We are coninuously working on extending this list. For suggestions please reach out to Nadine Chochoiek nadine.chochoiek@lmu.de.