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Munich Global Impact Sprint

Munich Global Impact Sprint – We are scouting teams and talents

We want YOU to be part of our first Munich Global Impact Sprint in 2021! Starting from now on our project team is excited to receive your application for taking part in this journey.

Kickstart your idea, find your perfect match, and build your business together with our team of coaches, entrepreneurship experts, corporate partners, and international talents.
Check-out our program and apply today! It´s without charge.



The illustrious program is curated by the three top universities of Munich. Together with teams from all around the globe you will attend a collaborative process, integrating you into Munich’s unique innovation ecosystem.  

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Application Deadline: March 31st, 2021



Purpose is the fuel that drives entrepreneurs. But purpose needs also to match financial viability. The LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program is LMU's framework within the Munich Global Impact Sprint.

Experience shows: Only if you proof financial readiness AND impact readiness you will succeed in the long run. Therefore, our program is tailor-made to support your startup. We provide business expertise, impact modules, and the access to an expert and industry network for co-creation and turning your idea into outcome. You will enjoy access to events and showcasing formats, co-creation and partner matching, and expert support & coaching. All will help you to become IMPACT READY.


Claim 3 essential experiences for yourself & your team:

  • Sure, you want to be investment ready! But are you impact ready? No market success without a holistic perspective on entrepreneurial value creation.
  • Benefit from the LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program in order to leverage the transformative power of your startup.
  • Delve into the unique Munich Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem = fastest growing tech-hub in Europe, exquisite academic & corporate partners, leading SDG initiatives.


You will fit and strongly benefit from the program when you are on your way to the first marketable product or service solution (Minimum Viable Product). You necessarily will still have some essential questions around your business and impact models open. Although we prefer teams, individuals may join if they are actively searching co-founders or other personnel for their startup. Consequently, following selection criteria apply:


  • You have started building your team or you have freelance allies helping you out.
  • You have an international ambition, i.e., you are planning to scale internationally and interested in international markets, collaborators, and/or staff.
  • You are or you have a student or faculty member of a higher education institution on your team.
  • You see value in the Munich innovation ecosystem and are looking to exchange with scientific and industry experts.


  • You are already building your market concept (MVP) and are searching for market-testing proof in the near future.
  • You have started considering the broader societal and environmental problem(s) your solution and/or startup might be tackling and are looking to gain clarity regarding the impact you could achieve in the short- and long-run.


The program is without charge! We will only require you to sign a commitment letter before you enter the program.


Munich and its relevant ecosystem players join forces to support young entrepreneurs in pursuit of creating the next generation of high growth companies that solve pressing global challenges. In cooperation with the city of Munich, leading global industry players, consultancy firms, local entrepreneurship centers, research labs, investors, as well as relevant players from the public sector and politics, the three top universities of Munich are creating a unique international hub in Munich to support tech-based entrepreneurship tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program aligns with the Munich Global Impact Sprint, an initiative led by the three Munich based universities Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, and Technical University of Munich (TUM). The Munich Global Impact Sprint aims to be a key hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the regional Munich ecosystem.
The universities are supported by their respective innovation and entrepreneurship centers: Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (LMU IEC), and UnternehmerTUM.

The universities are committed to partnering with other higher education institutions worldwide to strengthen Munich’s position as a key player in the international entrepreneurial ecosystem. The LMU IEC Impact Readiness Program and the Munich Global Impact Sprint are funded and supported by the EXIST-Potentials program of Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

MUC Summit GmbH has been commissioned to act as ecosystem integrator.



In our definition IMPACT is the effectiveness of an organization in fulfilling its mission that has meaningful consequences for all stakeholders by creating economic, social and ecological value.

Download: Flyer Munich Global Impact Sprint


Philipp Dahl (EXIST Project Management): dahl[at]bwl.lmu.de

Dominik Domnik (Network & Community Lead): domnik[at]bwl.lmu.de